Possibilities and Challenges of Transnational Education in the Era of Migration

Sugimura Miki

Faculty of Human Sciences / Department of Education

Sugimura Miki Professor

Contact miki-s@sophia.ac.jp


In the era of migration, transnational/cross-border education has developed along national education. Given that the mobilities of students, faculty and staff, researchers, and educational institutes, multiple countries and/or regional organizations have created cross-border programs among themselves. While these mobilities are related to global competition to attract talented people, the people-to-people connectivity and cross-cultural exchanges have enhanced relationships among members by establishing educational and cultural exchange platforms and building networks of learning. This research aims to clarify the possibilities and challenges of transnational education with a focus on higher education in the world and as a new arena of comparative and international education.

Transnational Higher Education Zone in Asia

Future prospects

The process of transnational education development has generated cross-border education programs. We are observing mobilities of not only students and faculty, but also programs, institutions and providers. In addition, online learning systems like the Collaborative International Learning Program have recently enhanced the opportunities of higher education. These various learning models enable the realization of Global Citizenship Education, which is mentioned in Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and they can prompt us to consider the complicated issues of “inclusion” and “equity” in education. How should we strike a balance between local and global contexts in the process of internationalization and globalization, and how can we realize co-existence in a diversified society amid emerging discussions of protectionism and nationalism? These are the new challenges faced by comparative and international education.

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