Hands-on School Life Education Program on Human Childbirth in Collaboration with Midwives: Developing a Lesson Model and Evaluating its Effectiveness

Mitsutake Tomomi

Faculty of Human Sciences / Department of Nursing

Mitsutake Tomomi Assistant Professor


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the life education program entitled “Hands-on School Life Education Program on Human Childbirth in Collaboration with Midwives,” following the steps used for program evaluation. This program entails a set of lessons conducted by the school in collaboration with midwives who are employed as external instructors. It is expected that following course revisions, schools will utilize the human resources in the local region, and collaborations will ensue between schools and society to ensure implementation of the curricula.
The researcher, who is a midwife, has previously conducted school lessons entailing the recounting of a human fetus’s growth, enabling students to learn about the importance of life. Such lessons help them acquire a sense of self-respect and a feeling of gratitude. Midwives have been consistently serving as external instructors and conducting school lessons on “life education.” However, there are several areas wherein lesson objectives and teaching methods have not yet been sufficiently agreed upon between the school and the external instructors. Where the classes are left entirely to external instructors, the lessons may not be conducted in accordance with the school’s objectives; here, lesson evaluation may merely take the form of response essays. This evaluation of the effectiveness of these programs can be expected to bring about life education lessons involving midwives such that the needs of schools and students can be met effectively.

Future Prospects

By appointing external instructors, the school and specialized professionals can work as a team to enhance learning activities to help resolve student issues. In the modern society, life-threatening challenges such as school bullying and even suicide are quite prevalent. By evaluating the effectiveness of programs wherein schools employ midwives as external instructors, this study aims to facilitate further development in terms of processes, lesson content, and methods as a means to solve problems faced by students.