Economic Analysis of Contemporary Issues on Trade Policies

Law Politics Economics

Faculty of Economics / Department of Economics

Yomogida Morihiro Professor


I analyze contemporary issues on trade policies with economic theory and investigate how the current WTO rules should be modified from the viewpoint of the world economy. I am working on the following research themes right now. First, how we can solve global environmental problems such as global warming without sacrificing promotion of international trade under free and fair competition. Second, how State Own Enterprises (SOEs) in emerging market countries such as China would distort international competition and how the WTO rules should be modified to deal with such behavior.

Related patents/papers

“Emission Taxes and Border Tax Adjustments for Oligopolistic Industries” Pacific Economic Review, 2013, 18/ 5, 644-673
“Is Emission Trading Beneficial?” Japanese Economic Review, 2012, 63/ 2, 185-203