Rotational spectroscopy of the molecules in the gas phase using microwave radiation

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Kuze Nobuhiko

Faculty of Science and Technology / Department of Materials and Life Sciences

Kuze Nobuhiko Professor


Experimental techniques for determining the structures and conformations of molecules in the gas phase include rotational spectroscopy and gas electron diffraction. In this study, we use these two experimental instruments to discover new interstellar molecules and develop new research methods to accurately determine the conformation of aromatic molecules. Some interstellar molecules cannot exist stably on Earth, and some have unique structures. We will explore clues to molecular evolution by examining what structures these molecules have taken and how they have been generated. We are also involved in collecting basic data on precise structures to investigate the relationship between molecular conformation and fragrance acceptance. In addition to vibrational spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations, we are conducting multifaceted research on the structure and reaction dynamics of these molecules and developing experimental equipment and data analysis.

Specific examples

We have been observed the rotational spectrum for the transient molecules such as radicals using the experimental setup of microwave spectrometer with pulsed-discharge nozzle.

Future prospects

Developments for the mm-wave spectrometer and chirped-pulse Fourier transform microwave spectrometer

Research facilities and equipments

Fourier Transform Microwave spectrometer

Collaboration with external organizations

Collaboration of the laboratory experiment and the radio telescope experiment to find the novel interstellar molecules and the data for the star-forming model.

Related patents/papers

Nobuhiko Kuze, Atsushi Ishikawa, Maho Kono, Takayuki Kobayashi, Noriyuki Fuchisawa, Takemasa Tsuji, and Hiroshi Takeuchi
Molecular Structure and Internal Rotation of CF3 Group of Methyl Trifluoroacetate: Gas Electron Diffraction, Microwave Spectroscopy, and Quantum Chemical Calculation Studies
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 119, 1774-1786 (2015).