Research on the acceleration of plant growth and increased environmental tolerance due to microwave stimulation

Plant production and environmental agriculture
Horikoshi Satoshi

Faculty of Science and Technology / Department of Materials and Life Sciences

Horikoshi Satoshi Professor



We discovered that when plants under special conditions are exposed to microwaves (used in microwave ovens and wireless LAN) for several tens of minutes at a time, they are stimulated, thus accelerating growth speed. We also discovered that their growth speed is significantly accelerated in high temperature environments.
In the future, we will study effects on various plant species and conduct field tests.

Comparison of growth affected by microwave exposure and normal growth
Image of application (plant factory)

Specific examples

Can be applied to accelerated plant growth and desert greening
Can be used for planned biomass production
Can be applied to food plants as genetic modification is not expanding
Development of a microwave irradiation device (automatic irradiation device using drones)

Future prospects

By exposing plants to microwaves for a small amount of time at an early stage of growth, it will become possible for anyone to rapidly grow plants
Demonstrative tests have been performed on several types of vegetables, and it has been confirmed that there is no effect on the taste
It has also been confirmed that genetic modification has not occurred and there are no remaining chemical substances.

Research facilities and equipments

Special microwave device, solar radiation device, analytic devices for analyzing protein and genes

Collaboration with external organizations

Companies willing to grow plants in the field, assuming that the technology will be commercialized