Deveropments of interigent microwave cooking oven with selective and delicate heating

Electrical and electronic engineering
Horikoshi Satoshi

Faculty of Science and Technology / Department of Materials and Life Sciences

Horikoshi Satoshi Professor



Since 1999, we have conducted basic and applied research on what we call “microwave science,” to apply microwaves and other electromagnetic waves as energy sources to chemical compounds, materials, biotechnology, environment and energy. In order to pursue microwave science in depth, we needed to innovate conventional microwave irradiation devices; and therefore, we made a new microwave irradiation device prototype. The microwave oven used in this experiment is an “intelligent microwave oven” using these core technologies. This microwave oven enables the precise control of heating temperatures and areas, and can be visually operated. Cameras are installed inside the microwave oven to observe the shape, color and temperature distribution of the heated food and these controls can also be observed using the tablet on the oven door. Furthermore, the information of the microwave-heated food before and after heating can be downloaded or uploaded from the server via wireless LAN, and can thus be used as cumulative data in analyzing individual food items.
(1) Can selectively heat lunchboxes
(2) Can heat ice cream and frozen foods to appropriate temperatures
(3) The size of the microwave generating device can be reduced to an extremely small size; and therefore, it can be used for heating purposes other than the microwaving
(4) The microwave oscillator is vibration-resistant unlike conventional devices and thus can be installed on delivery bikes.

Outer view of intelligent microwave oven (No.4)
Thermographic observation of selectively heating a lunchbox using an intelligent microwave

Specific examples

Microwave oven, heating cooker, chemical reaction device, drying device

Future prospects

Technology levels have come close to commercialization

Collaboration with external organizations

The intelligent system software has yet to be improved and image recognition functions require more precision. We seek collaboration in these areas.

Related patents/papers

S. Horikoshi, Selective Heating of Food using a Semiconductor Phase Control Microwave Cooking Oven, IMPI’S 49th Microwave power symposium, San Diego, California, USA, (2015)